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Travel Essentials - Rollaway Sore Tummy, Rollaway Itchys, Rollaway Anxiety
First Aid Kit Essentials - Rollaway Ouchies, Rollaway Sickness, Rollaway Headaches
Camping Essentials - Rollaway Itchys, Rollaway Germs, Rollaway Ouchies

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A box that you can curate to your needs!

This box gives you the opportunity to choose different options to suit your employee, family or friend letting them know you how much you care. 

Contains 6 Items...

  • Brown or Black Leather Pouch
  • 3 Rollaway Rollers of your choice or choose a ready made pack.
  • Bright + Beautiful- French Pear Candle 
  • Divine handmade soap- Either pink or grey gemstone or Mandarin.